It is announced that from 23 November to 04 December  2009 the European Union (EU) will conduct its fifth Crisis Management Exercise (CME 09) in the framework of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESPD).

CME 09 will evaluate a range of EU crisis management structures, procedures and consultation arrangements, plus the planning for both a military operation and a civilian mission engaged in the same theatre. Both the EU operations Centre (EU OHQ) and the Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC) will be involved in the context of an appropriate scenario requiring  EU rapid response to the crisis.

Although generic, the exercise scenario will contain sufficient hypothetical background to support the objectives and the decision making process in the exercise.  It will support the need for an EU-led operation requiring the deployment of the full range of the EU’s military and civilian, including Community, instruments. The exercise CME 09 will be conducted in Brussels and in EU capitals. No troops will be deployed.

CME 09 will involve EU Member States (capitals and delegations), the Secretary General/High Representative, relevant EU Council instances, the EU Council General Secretariat (including the civilian Operation Commander and the Civilian Planning and conduct Capability), the European Commission, the EU Satellite Centre, the EU Operation Commander and the EU Operation Centre (including augmentees from EU Member State), a response cell acting as an EU FHQ and another response cell acting as the existing civilian mission on the ground. Greece will participate in CME 09 exercise with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Citizen Protection and Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) with its competent authorities.

During the course of the exercise, the EU’s Political and Security Committee (PSC) will exercise the political control and strategic direction of the ESPD military operation and ESPD civilian mission, including the Civilian Response Team (CRT).