It is announced that medium scale Joint Training Exercise “IONAS – 09” will be conducted on November 19, 2009. The atorementioned Exercise is planned and  directed by the HNDGS with the assistance of the HNGS and the HAFGS. It will be conducted in the sea area of central Aegean (between Chios and Samos islands) and the airspace of that area.


The HNDGS, the General Staffs, the Major Operational Formations (The Fleet Command, the Tactical Air Force, the Air Support Command) as well as the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Joint Search and Rescue Coordination Center will participate in the exercise.


The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate the response capability of the SAR system and the training level of the participating forces.


The exercise will be dealt with two SAR incidents. The first one concerns a SAR operation, following an air accident, and the second one concerns a SAR operation, following a wreck.


One Frigate (with organic HELO), two Gunboats, one C-130 A/C, two SAR HELOS, four Fighter A/C, personnel of Underwater Demolition Command and the 31st Squadron of Special Operations will participate in the exercise.


The leadership of the Armed Forces will attend the exercise on board of the Frigate.