The Chief/HNDGS, General Ioannis Giagkos, the Chief/HAGS, Lt. General Fragulis Fragos and the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defence, Mr. Sotirios Koromatzos, visited the Armored Training Center to address the personnel of the Center, the 71st Airborne Brigade and the 575 Marines Battalion.


In his brief address, the Chief/HNDGS underlined the contribution of the personnel of the Armored Training Center and the 575 Marines Battalion in fire fighting and welcomed the personnel of 71th Airborne Brigade that were temporally relocated to Athens to participate in the reconstruction of fire stricken areas. He stressed that the Armed Forces were properly organized and prepared from the very beginning. In Saturday morning they were engaged in operations of fire extinction, aerial firefighting and surveillance operations. All requests of the Fire Service and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection were granted and the personnel of the Armed Forces responded to all assigned responsibilities and missions with success.


Finally, The Chief/HNDGS noted that “though forest fires are today under control, the day after demands hard work to restore the damages with the support of the Battalion of the 71st Airborne Brigade”