On the 13th of July 3 formations consisting of 18 Turkish fighter aircraft in total, committed 3 infringements of the Air Traffic Regulations (ICAO) and 18 violations of the Hellenic National Airspace, 3 of which were National Territory overflights.
3 engagements ensued with the Hellenic Air Force interception fighters, while 10 of the Turkish aircraft were armed.

All violating aircraft were intercepted and identified, according to the relevant international rules and procedures.

Detailed Information on National Territory Overflights

At 10:59 , 2 Turkish aircraft overflew the Greek island Farmakonisi flying at 2.600 feet.
At 11:00, 6 Turkish aircraft overflew the Greek island Agathonisi (2 of the aircraft flying at 12.000 feet and the remaining 4 at 2.500 feet).