The Hellenic Armed Forces participate in ISAF allocating the Special Composition Battalion, Afghanistan. The Battalion, under the Command of LtC Stergios DAMIANOS, consists of one Engineering Company, among other Units, and has 120 cadres and vehicles – and heavy machinery, as its mission is to conduct infrastructure works:

.  Construction – reconstruction and widening of roads and bridges. 
.  Construction of the facilities of the Technical Support Services, at Kabul airport.
.  Construction works to strengthen the security measures of the Military Camp.
.  Afghan soldiers training
.  Schools reconstruction.
.  Snow plough during the winter period.
.  Earthmoving works within the AOR of the Regional Command Capital.
.  Humanitarian aid delivery.

In the context of their task, namely the conduct of infrastructure works to restructure and reorganize Afghanistan, the personnel of the Battalion of Special Composition, Afghanistan, using engineering machinery, transported 35.000 cubic meters of earth to construct protection banks in the International Airport of Kabul to strengthen security measures.
The works completed have enhanced significantly the overall security situation of the airport. The execution of the mission by the personnel and the devotion they showed was exemplary. The cadres of the other participating states praised the Hellenic personnel and a special ceremony took place during which the Regional Commander Capital, Brig. Gen. Michel Stollsteiner (France), awarded the Hellenic personnel honorary plaque.