On 11 June 2009, the first Force Commander of “ATALANTA” Operation, Commodore Antonios Papaioannou, briefed the Command and the Staff- Officers of NATO on “ATALANTA” exercise, making two presentations in SHAPE HQ, Mons, Belgium.

300 staff-officers of the HQs attended the first presentation. SHAPE Commander, National Military Representatives from 28 member- states, PfP countries representatives and the Heads of the HQs attended the second presentation.

Commodore Papaioannou presented an analysis of the situation and the parameters concerning the joint and multinational operation. He arouse the interest of the participants, who posed numerous questions. Concluding, the topic was comprehensively covered and useful conclusions and “ lessons learned ” were drawn.

The participants made compliments, displaying the leading role of Greece during the EU Operation in combating piracy.