It is announced that, The European Union (EU) will conduct its fourth military exercise (MILEX 09) from 17th  to 26th of June 2009 in the framework of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP).

MILEX 09 is a Command Post Exercise (CPX) and will focus on key military aspects of crisis management. No troops will be deployed. During the conduct of the exercise, the EU Operation Headquarters (OHQ) in Larissa (EL) will be activated for the first time.

The exercise will focus on the interaction between the EU Operation Headquarters (OHQ) in Larissa (Greece) and the EU Force Headquarters (FHQ) in Naples (Italy), in the context of an autonomous EU-led military operation.

MILEX 09 will be based on the ALISIA scenario, which is being used for EU exercises in the time- frame from 2007 to 2011. During a conflict between RELINESIA and RHODANIA, two of the fictional countries included in the scenario, Rhodanian forces invade Northern RELINESIA in the summer of 2008, to withdraw in early 2009 due to international pressure and internal unrest.

Rhodanian forces leave behind a trail of destruction, and the vacuum of power and the deterioration of living conditions make the area vulnerable to organized crime and terrorism. The government of RELINESIA needs to request the assistance of the International Community. An EU Fact Finding Mission sent to the area reports that the humanitarian situation is critical due to the lack of adequate accommodation for several hundred thousand people. In particular 390,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs), as well as 130,000 refugees, are still living in camps in RELINESIA and ALISIA respectively. The exercise scenario will support the need for an autonomous EU-led operation which will require the deployment of military forces, with the mission of stabilization and reconstruction of Northern RELINESIA, as authorized by a UN Security Council Resolution.

MILEX 09 will be coordinated in Brussels, under the direction of the EU Military Committee (EUMC), supported by the EU Military Staff (EUMS), and under the guidance of the EU’s Political and Security Committee (PSC).

The exercise will be conducted in Larissa (EU OHQ) and in Naples (EU FHQ). Some 360 “players” and supporting personnel are expected to take part. The exercise represents a major step forward for the ESDP, through the first full activation of the EU OHQ in Larissa.

The Council decision to schedule the exercise is carried out under the operational authority of the EU Secretary General / High Representative. Dr. Javier Solana. The Director General of the EUMS, Lieutenant General David Leakey, is responsible for preparing its implementation.

The appointed commanders for the exercise are Lieutenant General (EL Army) Stylianos NASSIS (OpCdr) and Major General (IT Army) Vincenzo SANTO (FCdr).  

Representatives of NATO international staffs, the UN, the African Union, the OSCE, as well as the non-EU European NATO Members and other countries which are candidates for accession to the EU, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, the United States and the Mediterranean Partners, will be invited to information briefings about the exercise.

                                Col. Char. Laloussis
                                 HNDGS Spokesman