It is announced that from May 31st until June 15 2009, operational co-training of Hellenic Armed Forces Troops with a United States’ Marine Unit (22nd Marines Expeditionary Unit – MEU) will take place in areas of Central Greece (Thessaly Prefectures of Larissa-Magnesia).

The Hellenic Armed Forces will participate with troops of the 32nd Marines Brigade, helicopters of the 1st Army Aviation Brigade, Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Fighters Units, along with the HAF 31st Search & Rescue Operations Squadron.

The aim of this co-training between Greece and the United States is to enhance the cooperation and mutual understanding, to improve interoperability as to command and control, and to mutually inform on procedures and techniques of both countries’ Armed Forces, at the Operational and Tactical level.

The principal objects of the co-training include day and night flights, airmobile actions, parachuting, casualties and personnel evacuation, close air support, and other activities.

It is stated that during the European Union Elections’ (7th of June) weekend, no activities will take place.

                                    Col (Armour) Laloussis Charalambos
                                               HNDGS Spokesman