It is announced that the Chief/HNDGS, General Dimitrios Grapsas, attended the EU MC Regular Session, at CHOD level, which was held in Brussels, on May 5th, 2009.

The issues discussed at the MC Session, concerned the current EU-led operations, the course of developments with operation “ATALANTA”, «ALTHEA” and the EU -led mission in Chad. A particular reference was made by the Operational Commander of Operation «ATALANTA» Rear Admiral P. Jones in regard to the first Tactical Commander Commodore P. Papaiouanou (HN) and the frigate«PSARA» as to the successful outcome of the first phase of the operation.

Last but not least voting for the new Director General of the Military Staff was conducted, following the voting conclusion; Dutch CHOD General Ton Von Osch was appointed as new Director General.

                                     LTC Char. Laloussis
                                      HNDGS Spokesman