It is announced that, from 11 to 15 May 2009 the Field Training Exercise «SARISA ’09» will be conducted in the Ascou – Profiti area of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki. The exercise is a National, Joint, Large Scale Field Training Exercise at Formation level of full force development.

Purpose of the exercise is to project and exhibit the combat potency of the Armed Forces to raise moral and to establish a feeling of security in the Greek people, as well as the display of force in order to accommodate National Defence objectives.

The final phase of the exercise will be conducted on the May 15th 2009 (distinguished guest day) Greek and Foreign Officials, Defence Attaches of foreign countries in Greece , local Authorities , Mass Media representatives as well as General Staff and Major Formation Staff Officers have been invited to attend.

                                                   LTC Char. Laloussis
                                                   HNDGS Spokesman