It is announced that on Monday 19 January to Thursday 22 January at the HNDGS Conference Hall, the Update Attach? Seminar will be conducted under the auspices of the HNDGS.

Participating in the Seminar will be 45 Greek Attach?s, delegates of the Hellenic MoD, the HNDGS and General Staffs.
The intention of the Seminar is the mutual awareness of all participants on a broad spectrum of topics within their jurisdiction.

• Political – Diplomatic status – Instructions on topics within Attach? jurisdiction.
• World Economic Crisis and how it reflects on the Greek Economy.
• Security Situation in the Balkans.
• Security situation in the Middle East – Security situation and Energy Policy in Caucasus.
• Effects of the war in Caucasus and relations with the US and Russia.
• Participation of Hellenic Armed Forces in peace keeping missions abroad. Update on Piracy matters. Hellenic Positions.
Undertaken Obligations -Signed Agreements.
• Physical and Electronic Security.
• New Structure and Organization of the HNDGS.

Lectures on the seminar subjects will be presented by HNDGS Staff Officers, Hellenic Attach?s, and by Professors of Hellenic Universities who specialize in the fields of the seminar agenda.

                                     LTC Dimitrios Bonoras
                                      HNDGS Spokesman