On the 30th Jan 2009, the completion of the 2nd phase of the exercise “STEADFAST JOIST – GORDIAN KNOT ‘09” took place at NDC-GRC HQ. The last two weeks the staff of the NDC-GRC took part at the parallel operational planning process with JFC Naples, CC AIR Ismir and CC MAR Naples according to the exercise scenario.

NDC-GR staff and LNrOs from its affiliated units participated at this phase of the planning process.

A training team consisted of 11 officers from NATO JWC (Stavanger, NOR) contributed to the operational planning process with its guidance to planners. As senior mentor of COMM NDC-GRC, Gen (Ret) Dr Klaus Reinhardt, provided his personal advice and support.

Due to the excellent cooperation between HQs, the operational planning process achieved and valuable results were extracted in order to be used for the final phase of this exercise which will take place at XXIV Armor Brigade HQ, at Litochoro – Greece, from 18 March to 04 April 2009.