It is announced that on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 November 2008 (08.30 to 14.30) the Joint War College organized a seminar at the Officers’ Club of Thessaloniki Guard, the issue was: “A new Geopolitical reality at the Southeastern Euro Caucasian subsystems and the wider Middle East region. The role of Greece.”

The topics that were analyzed during the seminar were:

•Development in the Geostrategic environment of Israel and the stabilization prospects.

•Development in the Geostrategic environment of Turkey and the Greek-Turkish relations.

•Islamic Movement, links, structure and activities.

•Sources and factors of destabilization at the S.E. European subsystem.

•Geopolitical lessons learned in the contemporary environment.

•Sources and factors of destabilization at the Caspian Caucasus subsystem.

•Russian-American relations and their effect in the regional power allocation.

•Energy Geopolitics in the Aegean Sea; The Hellenic Petroleum case.

At the seminar are invited to participate the Local Political, Military, Religious and Doyen authorities, institutions, unions, clubs, University students, as well as journalists.

For further information: Lt. Colonel (HAF) Georgios KELESSIDIS, Supreme Joint War College Public Affairs Office, tel.: 2310-472603 (int.1200)


                                                 LTC Dimitrios Bonoras
                                                   HNDGS Spokesman