1. It is announced that on the 26th of November 2008, the Chief of HNDGS General Dimitrios Grapsas and the Army General Staff Chief visited, the “Kallinski” Military Camp.

2. During the visit, the two Chiefs were briefed by the Commander of the 13th (DEE) Special Operations Command, on the mission, the organization, the potentials and the implemented training of Z’ MAK and ETA Units. More over, HNDGS Chief attended the following activities:
  – Craft drop from CH-47D helicopter.
  – Drop and collection of 2 pairs of Submarine Operations Units from UH-1H helicopter.
  – Divers drop from rubber crafts, sub intrusion and invasion in a hostile shore.
  – Marine climbing- rappelling under simultaneous use of fire.
  – Self defence exercises and free sky diving from CH-47D helicopter.
  – Unpacking and development of sea craft- material loading for the execution of a mission.
  – Rapid rappelling from helicopter.
  – Candidate divers training at Diving School.

3. The HNDGS Chief, after observing the excellent level of training and the personnel’s high moral, thanked the military officers as well as the reserve soldiers for the current high training which is necessary for the successful execution of any military mission.

                                                           LTC Dimitrios Bonoras
                                                              HNDGS Spokesman