It is announced that the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, General Dimitrios Grapsas, will visit Albania from 3 to 4 November 2008 to participate in the Strategic Military Partner Conference, in Tirana. The Conference is conducted annually by the Strategic Allied Command Transformation (SACT). The topic of the Conference will be: “NATO and partners: Exploring Multiple Futures”.

The SACT has established a multimember team – think tank, which has assumed the duty to reflect on and conceive the very or least possible tendencies and prospects of the planet in all fields, over a time period beyond 20 years in the future. The aim is a more intuitive approach without the restrictions and the pressure exerted by the current situation or other expediencies (“Out of the Box Thinking”). This team consists of academics, militaries and other experts, who particularly consider the various consequences on the planning and the need for NATO to adapt to new challenges.

Except from the Greek Delegation, Representatives from all member-states of NATO, members of Partnership for Peace (PfP), the Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) will participate in the Conference.


                                    LTC Dimitrios Bonoras
                                     HNDGS Spokesman