It is announced that a book with the title “Olympic Games, Athens 2004. The Contribution of the Armed Forces” will be presented at the War Museum, on Nov. 3, 2008, at 11.30.

This book was written by Dr. Spyros Brekis and published be the Hellenic Committee of Military History, responsible for the organization of the presentation.

It will be an one hour and 30’ presentation and will include an address by the Chairman of the Hellenic Committee of Military History and the author’s reply.

The book will be presented by:

 a. General (ret.) Dimitrios Scarvelis, Honorary Chief HNDGS – Academician
 b. Dr. Panayiotis Christopoulos, Professor at the Ionian University – Head of the Library of the Parliament.
 c. The Assistant Professor of the Athens University, Mr. Dionyssios Kalamakis, Secretary General of “Parnassos” Literary Society.

The representatives of the media are invited to attend and report the event.

POC at the Hellenic Committee of Military History/HNDGS, Major General (HAF) Anastassios Demis.

                                   LTC Dimitrios Bonoras
                                    HNDGS Spokesman