From the 6th to 10th of October 2008, the meeting of “NATO TRAINING GROUP/ FINANCIAL SUBGROUP (NTG/ FSG)” organized by NMIOTC, takes place in Chania. Purpose of the meeting is to brief the NTG/ FSG about the organization, mission and possibilities of the NMIOTC.

The “NATO training group” is under the command of the Higher Administration of the alliance for the transformation (SACT) and is composed of the representatives of all member-states of NATO, as well as the representatives of PfP and Mediterranean Dialogue (MD). It is involved mostly with financial issues of member-states of NATO, as well as with transactions in ministration of training matters and drills in the scope of the Alliance. Additionally, it arranges the support procedures from the member-states of NATO to the PfP states.

At the 29th of September 2008, it is noted that the USA Deputy Secretary of Defense Joseph Benkert, responsible for World Security Issues as well as for matters to prevent proliferation of nuclear arms, paid a visit to NMIOTC.

Aim of this visit was the briefing of the training mission of NMIOTC, as well as the experimentation of new capabilities of the NMIOTC, with the integration to it’s training program, of issues that concern the prevention of dealing materials that are relevant to the proliferation of nuclear arms.