Following the agreement which was obtained among the North Atlantic Council Members, NATO has decided to respond to the U.N. Secretary General’s request for the provision of escorting commercial vessels, carrying loads, in the framework of the World Food Program (WFP).

In the framework of the subject decision, three combat ships, the Frigate Themistocles (Hellenic Navy), ITS Durand de la Penne (Italy) and the HMS Cubmerland (UK), were separated by the SNMG-2 and assigned the mission, acting in a deterrent way, to provide close protection to ships which hug the coast of Somalia, as well as to patrol the sea areas at which, criminal acts have been observed.

The rest four ships of SNMG-2 continue to operate in the wider Persian Gulf region.


Laid Down: 3 October 1977
Launched: 11 August 1979
Commissioned: 2 December 1981
Entry in the Hellenic Navy: 24 October 2003

Length (m): 130.5
Beam (m): 14.6
Displacement (tons): 3,050
Speed Max. (knots): 32
Range (nm): 4700
Capability (persons): 202
Course Gas Turbines: Rolls Royce TYNE 2 X 5,340bhp
Main Gas Turbines: Rolls Royce OLYMPUS 2 X 28,000bhp
Electrical Engines: PIELSTICK 4 X 750KWatt
Communications: SHF – HF – VHF – UHF
Guns: OTO MELARA 76/62
Helicopters: One (1) SH-70 B AEGEAN HAWK or two (2) AB-212

Officers: 27
Non Commissioned Officers: 162

Emblem of Frigate THEMISTOCLES: Inspired by the bravery of the Greeks during the Salamis Naval Combat, the ship’s emblem illustrates the helmet that Greeks were wearing during wartime and a trireme, the combat ship of the ancient Greeks. According to Thucydides (ancient Greek Historian) the ship was built for the first time on 704 B.C. at Corinth. Each side had 3 rows of oars, one over the other, two sails and a ram bow. It was a flexible vessel and its maximum speed reached 8 knots. Its speed, maneuverability and brass ram bow rammed the Persian Fleet’s ships, effected to the victory over an outnumbered enemy.

Date of entry in the Hellenic Navy: 24 October 2003 – Den Helder Holland.
History in other Navies service: 2-12-1981 to 24-10-2003 – Holland Navy.
As recognition to the contribution of the great Athenian politician, general and admiral THEMISTOCLES (525-461BC) to the victory of the Greeks at the Salamis Naval Combat (480BC), the Hellenic Navy from 1821 till today has named four different vessels over his name. Firstly to two ships, VRIKION type, that served during the 1821 National Revolution. Afterwards to an Escorting Anti-torpedo with side number D-09, which was obtained in 1942 and returned to the United Kingdom in 1961. Following that, the name was given to an Anti-torpedo “GEARING” type (reconstructed “FRAM II”) with side number D-210, which was operational from 1971 till 1992. Last was the Anti-torpedo “Charles F. Adams” type with side number D-221, which entered the fleet in 1992 and was decommissioned in 2002.