It is announced that today, the 18th Class of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Attaches Candidates, consisted of 20 students, paid an informational visit to the HNDGS.

     During their visit in the framework of their education, the Academy students followed a series of lectures concerning:

  • Organization-mission of the HNDGS
  • Defence Policy Matters
  • Organization-Operation of the National Operations Centre during peace or war.
  • Programming and Policy for the Hellenic participation in NATO Exercises.
  • Multinational Operations (HQ-Designing-Mission-Conclusions following the participation of the Hellenic Armed Forces).
  • Background, Organization, Mission, Activities, Aims-Perspectives of the Athens Multinational Sealift Coordination Centre (AMSCC).

                             LTC (Armour) Dimitrios Bonoras
                                    HNDGS Spokesman