It is announced that the ”PARMENION  ‘08” National Joint Exercise will be conducted from 22 to 26 September 2008. It is a large scale exercise  planned and directed by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, (HNDGS) supported  by General Staffs of the three Services. It will be conducted in the region of North Greece (Macedonia, Epirus and Thrace), within the AOR of the Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands, in the Aegean, the neighbouring sea areas and in the airspace of these areas.

The HNDGS, the General Staffs of the three Services, Major Formations and the Security Forces (the Hellenic Police, the Coast Guard and the Fire Service) as well as non military Bodies (the Ministry of Interior, the MoFA, the National Intelligence Service, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Hellenic Telecommunication Organization) will participate in the exercise.
The purpose of the exercise is:

    To test the capabilities of the Armed Forces to face a sudden crisis, on a realistic basis.

    To implement the plans and train the personnel of the General Staffs and the Units in conducting joint operations.

    To upgrade plans and procedures and maintain the combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces.

The exercise will be conducted on a realistic basis, 24/24, with the least possible conventions, without using a standard “war game”. Emphasis will be given to  asymmetrical threats management.

To note that the final phase of the exercise will not be conducted and observers will not be invited to attend the exercise.

                                                       LTC Dimitrios Bonoras
                                                        HNDGS Spokesman