The Hellenic Armed Forces mobilized immediately in order to contribute with humanitarian aid to Myanmar following the catastrophic cyclone “Nargis” that swept through the broad area of the Gulf of Bengal.

     There was an immediate activation of the appropriate Services of the General Staffs that resulted to the concentration of the following humanitarian aid material:
• 1500 Blankets
• 500 kilos of milk
• 500 kilos of precooked food
• 2000 food rations
• 525 Sets of eating utensils
• 20 Orderly kits (first aid) 
• 11 Tents

     Additionally, the Hellenic Red Cross allocated 130 tents and 1500 blankets, as well as 2 palettes of pharmaceutical provisions from the non-governmental organization “Pharmacists of the World”.

     The first C-130H flight was loaded with 60 tents and 600 blankets from the Greek Red Cross and 56 boxes of medicine from the non governmental organization Pharmacists of the World 

     The humanitarian and medical aid which is allocated by the Hellenic Armed Forces is stored in appropriate storage facilities at the 112th  Combat Wing (Eleusina) which is to be sent on the next C-130H flight, estimated for the 10th of May 2008.