It is announced that a Circular has been issued on the Selection of Students to enter the Supreme Military Education Institutions (Military Academy – Naval Academy – Air Force Academy – Corps Officers Military Academy – Nursing Officers Academy) as well as the NCOs Higher Military Schools (Army NCOs School – Naval NCOs School – Air Force Technical NCOs School – Air Force Administrative NCOs School) for academic year 2008- 2009.

     A sufficient number of copies of the Circular has been sent to the Public Information Office of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence (34 Solonos St., Athens, tel. 210 3630081, 210 3630579, 210 3630742, 210 3630247, 210 3630360, 210 3630076 and 1 Vassileos Georgiou St., Thessaloniki,.tel. 231 0850060, 231 0893237, 231 0893242), the Recruiting Offices, the Military Academies and Schools as well as the High Schools of Greece. Those interested may apply to the above Institutions. The whole text of the Circular is given in the web site of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff:

     To note that the candidates should submit the necessary documents not later than the 18th of April 2008 instead of the 11th April 2008, the date mentioned in the Circular. 

                                              LTC Char. Laloussis
                                              HNDGS Spokesman