The Hellenic Armed Forces mobilized immediately in order to contribute humanitarian aid to Albania after the accident at Tirana.

     All major military hospitals of the three branches of the Hellenic Armed Forces in Athens and Thessaloniki were placed in high readiness, as well as 424 General Military Hospital in Thessaloniki, in order to accommodate any wounded people in case it was required. The Military Hospital of Argyrokastro in Albania was also placed in increased readiness.

     The Hellenic mission was the first that arrived in Albania with a C-130H transport aircraft from 356 Tactical Transport Squadron, on board which were, specialized doctors from the National Health Service Center, as well as personnel from 251 General Air Force Hospital (Anesthesiologist, Orthopedist and 2 nurses).

     After being loaded with medical equipment and emergency supplies (blood and derivatives, mechanical breathing support devices, portable breathing devices, etc), the C-130H aircraft departed for Tirana on Saturday March 15th at 23:00.
     On Sunday the 16th of March at 05:20, the C-130H landed at Thessaloniki Airport carrying 5 wounded, two children and three adults, who are hospitalized in Thessaloniki hospitals.

     Today, March 17th at 13:00, a second mission with one C-130 H aircraft took off from Elefsina with destination to Tirana, carrying personnel from 251 General Air Force Hospital (Anesthesiologist, Orthopedist and 2 nurses).

     Further more 110 boxes of medical drip and 37 boxes of expendable medical materials as well as 5 heavy duty mine sweeping vests, were loaded for distribution.