It is announced that, the Joint Chiefs of the General Staff Council during the  1st of  March 2008 session concluded the annual evaluation concerning the General Officers of the Armed Forces for 2008-2009 and decided:

a. Hellenic Army to “maintain at the same rank” the following:
  (1) Lieutenant General (HA) Petros Tzalikidis   
  (2) Lieutenant General (HA) Fragoulis Fragou
  (3) Lieutenant General (HA) Stilianos Nasis
  (4) Lieutenant General (HA) Ioannis Papazaharias

and to retire the following “as successfully terminating their career”:

  (1) Lieutenant General (HA) Pavlos Giagoulis
  (2) Lieutenant General (HA) Dimitrios Labadakis  
  (3) Lieutenant General (HA) Ioannis Mihaloliakos           
  (4) Lieutenant General (HA) Efstathios Stratakos
  (5) Lieutenant General (HA) Bassilios Gogouvitis            
  (6) Lieutenant General (HA) Georgios Tsakanikas           
b.  Hellenic Navy to “maintain at the same rank” the following:

  (1) Vice Admiral (HN) Ioannis Karaiskos       
  (2) Vice Admiral (HN) Dimitrios Elefsiniotis
  (3) Rear Admiral (HN) Andonios Karadimitris
  (4) Rear Admiral (HN) Kiriakos Kiriakidis
  (5) Rear Admiral (HN) Evagelos Mitrou
  (6) Rear Admiral (HN) Elias Nastos

and to retire the following as “successfully terminating their career”:

  (1) Rear Admiral (HN) Andonios Papadoulis
  (2) Rear Admiral (HN) Eleftherios Anastasiadis

c. Hellenic Air Force to “maintain at the same rank” the following:
  (1) Major General (HAF) Athanasios Karamitsos
  (2) Major General (HAF) Kosmas Vouris
  (3) Major General (HAF) Vassilios Klokozas
  (4) Major General (HAF) Konstantinos Kalamatas
  (5) Major General (HAF) Ioannis Patsantaras
  (6) Major General (HAF) Zaharias Gikas
  (7) Major General (HAF) Konstantinos Ioannidis
  (8) Major General (HAF) Konstantinos Kounelis
  (9) Major General (HAF) Pantelis Papasavas
and to retire the following as “successfully terminating their career”:

  (1) Lieutenant  General (HAF) Theologos Simeonidis
  (2) Lieutenant  General (HAF) Michael Papadopoulos 
  (3) Major General (HAF) Vassilios Tzinaetis
  (4) Major General (HAF) Dimitrios Vampoulas
  (5) Major General (HAF) Dimitrios Mandilis
  (6) Major General (HAF) Nikolaos Goutzouris
  (7) Major General (HAF) Georgios Sklikas

d. Hellenic Recruiting Corps to “maintain at the same rank” the following :
(1) Brigadier General Thomas Tselonis


                                      LTC Char. Laloussis
                                      HNDGS Spokesman