It is announced that the Joint Chiefs of the General Staff Council during the 1st of March 2008 session decided:

Hellenic Air Force 

a.  To promote to the rank of Major General the following to fill the vacant posts:
    (1) Brig. General  (HAF) Daniel Sinanoglou
    (2) Brig. General  (HAF) Konstantinos Vlahavas
    (3) Brig. General  (HAF) Konstantinos Iatridis
    (4) Brig. General  (HAF) Andonios Atmatzakis
    (5) Brig. General  (HAF) Georgios Doumous
    (6) Brig. General  (HAF) Vassilios Mantsios
    (7) Brig. General  (HAF) Stavros Kavasakalis

b.  To retire the following “as successfully terminating their career”:
    (1) Brig. General  (HAF) Charalabos Giokas
    (2) Brig. General  (HAF) Dimitrios Savopoulos  

                                                  LTC Char. Laloussis 
                                                  HNDGS Spokesman