It is announced that the Joint Chiefs of the General Staff Council, came in an extra ordinary session on 6th February 2008 and decided to appoint the Naval Training Command Commandant as new Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff. In addition the Council decided:

  1. To promote the following Officers, as “Selected for promotion” to the rank of Vice Admiral to fill vacancies:

  Rear Admiral Ioannis Karaiskos   (HN)
  Rear Admiral Dimitrios Elefsiniotis   (HN)

  2. To retire the following Officers, as “successfully terminating their career”:

   Rear Admiral Ioannis Alvertos  (HN)
   Rear Admiral Nikolaos Fatousis     (HN)

who are promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral (ret) and are awarded the title of Honorary Commanders of their last position of service.

                                      LTC Char. Laloussis
                                      HNDGS Spokesman