It is announced that, the Supreme Joint War College organizes a two-day conference at the Officers Club in Thessaloniki, on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th of November 2007. The topic of the Conference is: “The Armed Forces and the Protection of the Environment”.

The purpose of the Conference is to present the role of the Armed Forces in the protection of the environment, the current situation in Greece and abroad, considering that the protection of the environment constitutes a prerequisite for prosperity and development, as well as a demanding national task.

University professors, scientists and officers of the Armed Forces will make presentations. The Commandant of the College, Lt. General (HAF) Dimitrios Vampoulas, will make the opening of the Conference.

Representatives from local political and military authorities, deans from universities, members from the Academy, scientific consultants, associations, institutions, clubs, unions, the students of the College, students from local Universities and Mass Media representatives have been invited to attend the Conference.

For further information, please contact: Supreme Joint War College/ Public Relations Section, Col. (HAF) Georgios Kelesidis, tel. 2310- 472603.         

                                   LTC Charalambos  Laloussis
                                         HNDGS Spokesman