It is announced that, the Chief / HNDGS General Dimitrios Grapsas attended the 159th NATO MC Meeting, held in Brussels on the 13 and 14 November 2007, at CHOD level.
The issues discussed at the MC concerned the current NATO KFOR (Kosovo) and ISAF (Afghanistan) Operations, the further development of the NATO Response Forces (NRF), Training and Education programs, resource management and capabilities prioritization of the Alliance. Additionally preparations were made on the issues to be discussed at the NATO SUMMIT.
In the framework of the NATO MC, which was held in Brussels, the predetermined election for the new chairman was conducted. Voting was confidential, at CHOD level, and conducted among the 26 member-States of the Alliance.  Following the voting conclusion, Italian CHOD Admiral Giampaolo di Paola was appointed as new Chairman.  
Additionally the Chief / HNDGS General Dimitrios Grapsas took part in the Annual European Union MC in CHOD Session which was held on the 15th November 2007.
The issues discussed in general, concerned the current operations of the EU (Operations ALTHEA in Bosnia Herzegovina and Operations in CHAD – Central African Republic) as well as efforts for improving current EU operational capabilities.

During an unofficial meeting with his counterpart from Montenegro, the Chief/HNDGS held talks exchanging views on the further enhancement of mutual military cooperation. 
Finally, the issue of European Constitutional Treaty and mainly the consequences from its implementation on the EU Common Security and Defence Policy (SDP) was discussed.


                                   LTC Charalambos  Laloussis
                                         HNDGS Spokesman