It is announced, that in order to timely inform the candidate students of the academic year 2008-2009 who are to enter the Higher Military Educational Institutions of Greece, and following the modifications made in the legislation law concerning Physical Fitness Criteria with the Standing Order 207/2007 (Official Gazette A’ 233/2007) for the candidates of these Schools the following Biometrics apply:

  • The minimum height requirements are set at 1, 75 meters for men and at 1, 65 meters for women.
  • Concerning the candidate’s body weight, the Body Mass Index is introduced, that is a person’s weight in kilograms, divided by their height in meters squared. The said Body Mass Index for men should be within the ratio of «20 to 25» and for women «18 to 22» and will apply for the duration of their studies at the Military Schools.

                                   LTC Charalambos  Laloussis
                                         HNDGS Spokesman