The Hellenic National Defense General Staff announces that the Oath taking Ceremony of first-year Cadets of the Nursing Officers School will take place at the premises of the School (‘’SAKETTA’’ Camp – Vironas) on Wednesday, 24October 2007 at 10.30. There are 40 cadets (24 women and 16 men), including one male student from Jordan who will give a Promise. 

     The Nursing Officers School was established in 1946, after World War II. Initially, the School was based at 401 General Military Training Hospital, in Athens. It has been relocated many times until 1992 and ever since it has been stationed on its permanent premises, in “SAKETTA A” Camp.

     In 1949, the first female Nursing Officers graduated from the School. They staffed Hospitals of the Army. In 1954, the Nursing Officers School became a Joint School and, since then, graduated Officers have staffed Hospitals of the three Services of the Armed Forces. In 1989, the four- year course of studies was determined by an Act, and, in 1990, male students were admitted to attend the School.

     From 1992, Nursing Officers School constitutes a Supreme Military Educational Training Institution, equal to the Universities of our country. From this academic year, education is provided at Athens University- Nursing Faculty.

     The mission of School is to educate regular Nursing Officers and provide them to the Armed Forces. Those officers will be capable to correspond to their nursing task so as to prevent and cure people in peace and war period.

     The B’ Deputy Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, Lt. General (HAF) Michael Papadopoulos, will attend the ceremony.

     Media representatives are invited to cover the ceremony.

     POC, Major (HA-Nur.) Maria Mitsiou- Tzortzi, tel. 210-7675602.

                                   LTC Charalambos  Laloussis
                                         HNDGS Spokesman