It is announced that on the 11th of September 2007 a Memorandum of  Understanding was signed in Brussels between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization / Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe,  (NATO/SHAPE) based in Mons, Belgium and the Athens Multinational Sealift Coordination Centre (AMSCC), regarding the provision of  services to Sea Military Transports conducted by NATO/SHAPE.

  The AMSCC was established in November 2004, with a mission to:

  •  forward all requests of users, regarding ship chartering, to the  Directorate of State Maritime Transportation of the Hellenic Ministry of Merchant Marine, which will proceed to call the appropriate bid, within the existing legal framework.
  •  provide ship monitoring from the loading port to the port of destination, after an agreement  with the user.

  The above services will meet requirements stemming from the international commitments  of Greece in NATO, E.U, U.N, and other international organizations and  nations contributing to operations conducted by the orders of the UN Security Council.

  Italy has been the first country that has cooperated  with AMSCC in Strategic  Sealifts, after having signed a relevant MOU in April 2005. In addition Slovenia and the Czech Republic signed respective MOUs in April 2007.

                                         LTC Charalambos  Laloussis 
                                              HNDGS Spokesman