It is announced that, the Hellenic participation in operation “ALTHEA” Multinational Task Force North (MNTF N), located in Touzla of Bosnia -Herzegovina, has been successfully concluded  today, the 12th of  July 2007, and the last Hellenic Forces participating echelon is returning home.

     Fourteen nations participated in the Multinational Task Force North (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey), Greece being the Framework Nation and having the command from the 1st of  December 2006 to the 27th of  June 2007. It has been the first time that Greece assumed command on an E.U.- NATO sector during a Peace Support Operation.       

     Greece has had an uninterrupted participation during the whole operation (since 12 July 2004), with its personnel mounting to 520 members.

                                   Emmanuel Velonias HN
                                          Captain, HN
                                   HNDGS   Spokesman