It is announced that, on Friday the 6th of July 2007  at 10 a.m., the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, Admiral Panagiotis Chinofotis ΗΝ, will award degrees to graduates of the 4th educational series of the Joint War College, in Thessaloniki, in a special graduation ceremony to be held in the premises of the College.

     Representatives from the political and military leadership, representatives from political, military and Consular Authorities as well as chairmen of local Organizations and Authorities have been invited to attend the ceremony.

     From the 4th educational series will graduate 216 Joint Staff-Officers as follows: 111 from the Army, 40 from the Navy, 33 from the Air Force, 2 from the Joint Services, 1 from the Hellenic Police Department, 1 from the Hellenic Coast Guard, 3 from Albania, 21 from Cyprus, 2 from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1 from Egypt, and 1 from Serbia.



                                   Emmanuel Velonias 
                                        Captain, HN
                                 HNDGS Spokesman