It is announced that, the Council of the Chiefs of General Staffs, during the session of the 5th of March 2007:

   a. Hellenic Army
      (1) “Selectively” promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General the following to fill vacant posts:

            (a)  Major General   (HA) Fragoulis Fragos
            (b)  Major General   (HA) Stilianos Nassis
            (c)  Major General   (HA) Ioannis Papazaharias
            (d)  Major General   (HA) Georgios Tsakanikas

      (2) Decided to retire the following as ”having successfully terminated their career”: 

            (a)  Major General   (HA) Emmanouil  Xideris
            (b)  Major General   (HA) Michael Kondilis
            (c)  Major General   (HA) Nikolaos Kaloudis 
            (d)  Major General   (HA) Antonios Gonos
            (e)  Major General   (HA) Dimitrios Panagiotou
            (f)   Major General   (HA) Georgios Koutras
            (g)  Major General   (HA) Asterios Malontzikis
            (h)  Major General   (HA) Pavlos Dimitriadis
            (i)   Major General   (HA) Leonidas Koliofoutis 
            (g)  Major General   (HA) Antonios Mitilinakis
            (k)  Major General   (HA) Theodoros Psykakos

    b. Hellenic Navy    

        “Selectively” promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral the following to fill vacant posts:
           (a) Rear Admiral (HN) Emmanouil Horianopoulos
           (b) Rear Admiral (HN) Dimitrios Kourkoulis

    c. Recruiting Corps 
      “Selectively” promoted to the rank of Major General to fill vacant post:                 
        Brigadier General Thomas Tselonis


                                          Emmanuel Velonias
                                              Captain, HN
                                         HNDGS   Spokesman