It is announced that, the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, Admiral Panagiotis Chinofotis HN will attend the 156th Meeting of the NATO Military Committee, in CHOD Session, to be held on 15 and 16 November 2006 in Brussels.

     The issues to be discussed during the meeting concern current NATO operations, operational capabilities of the NATO Response Force (NRF), Transformation of the Alliance and the Preparation of Military views on the Agenda of the NATO Summit in Riga.

     There will also be meetings of the NATO Military Committee, in CHODS session, with the CHODS of the Mediterranean Dialogue Countries, and the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, as well as with the CHODS of Russia and Ukraine. The issues to be discussed will also refer to current NATO operations and possible participation of those countries, as well as other Cooperation Programs.

     Additionally, the Hellenic CHOD will meet with his foreign counterparts, as appropriate. 

                                           Emmanuel Velonias
                                              Captain, HN
                                         HNDGS   Spokesman