It is announced that Greece will host NATO Electronic Warfare (EW) Trial «SPARTAN HAMMER» from 02 to 18 November 2006. The purpose of the Trial is to check and upgrade the capabilities of NATO member-states, concerning real time EW intelligence exchange.

     Personnel and means from twelve states (Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy,  Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, UK and the USA), sixteen NATO entities, warships, aircraft, air defence systems, radars and multiple communication and electronic warfare means will participate in the Trial, which will focus on personnel training in warfare operations, at joint level.

     The means of the Trial will be deployed mainly in the area of northwest Peloponnesus, while the participating aircraft will operate from Greek, Italian and French airfields. 

                                          Emmanuel Velonias
                                              Captain, HN
                                         HNDGS   Spokesman