The Hellenic National Defence General Staff announces that the new Chief of the Bulgarian Armed Forces’ General Staff, General Zlatan Stoykov is visiting Thessaloniki on a working meeting with the Hellenic CHOD, Admiral Panagiotis Chinofotis ΗΝ. Major issues of the agenda will be:

      • HELBROC, the European Tactical Battlegroup, where Greece constitutes the Framework Nation and in which Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania also participate.
      • The lessons learned so far from the mission of the Staff of SEEBRIG (Southern Eastern Europe Brigade) in Afganistan
      • Further enhancing of the bilateral military cooperation.

     During his visit in Northern Greece, Admiral Chinofotis will visit A’ and B’ Army Corps and the Hellenic Post “NIKI”, on Greek-FYROM border line.

     On Friday 7, July, at 10.00, the Chief/ HNDGS will award certificates to graduates of the 3rd Class of the Supreme Joint War College, in a special graduation ceremony at the School’s seat in Thessaloniki.

     Two hundred fourteen Staff Officers will graduate the 3rd class  of the College, among them 100 from the Army, 40 from the Navy, 48 from the Air Force, 2 from the Joint Services, 1 from the Hellenic Police, 1 from the Fire Brigade, 1 from the Coast Guard, 15 from the Cypriot National Guard, 1 from the Republic of Albania, 2 from the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina,1 from the Republic of Serbia, 1 from the Republic of Tunisia and 1 from the USA.

                                                   LTC (Arty) G. Kalpogiannakis