The Hellenic National Defence General Staff announces that, as soon as the traces of the Hellenic Air Force Mirage-2000 aircraft disappeared from the radar screens, the Search and Rescue mechanism has been immediately activated. In the frame of an extended mobilization, and in coordination with the National Search and Rescue Coordination Center, the following means and personnel were allocated by the Hellenic Armed Forces:

Air means
• Three C-130 aircraft
• Two RF-4 aircraft (for aerial photography and stereoscopic ground analyses of potential crash sites)
• Two CL-415 fire fighting aircraft.
• Two AB-205 helicopters.
• Four SUPER PUMA helicopters.
• Four SIKORSKY helicopters.
• Two AB-212 helicopters.
Above air means performed, in total, 25 sorties with 71 flight hours.

Naval means
• Hydrographic vessel “STRAVON” in the Central and Eastern  Corinthian Gulf.
• Missile boat “TROUPAKIS” in the Central and Eastern  Corinthian Gulf.
• Missile boat “TΟΥRΝΑS” in the Southern Evoic Gulf.

Land forces
•  Detachment of a 10-men Special Forces team (Z’ MAK) with speed boat and scuba  apparatus for search and rescue at Iliki and Paralimni Lakes
•  Detachment of seventeen men from the 31st Special Operations Battalion (Air Force).
•  Detachment of twenty men from the 575th Marines Battalion.
•  Detachment of thirty-three men from the 114th Combat Wing (Air Force).
• Detachment of fourteen men from the Artillery Training Center at Thebes.
• In the search and rescue operation, teams from the Police Force, the Fire Brigade Special Disaster and Recovery Teams (EMAK)  and the Coast Guard also attributed participation; the Coast Guard allocated a total of  8 patrol boats  in the Corinthian Gulf and North and South Evoic Gulf. Additionally, volunteers from Civil Emergency Planning (PSEA) have also been deployed on the spot. 

All the above forces, will continue the search and rescue operation with the first light of the 15th April (Saturday),. Additional forces that will participate in tomorrow’s operation, as follows :
                             ?   One CH-47 CHINOOK helicopter
                             ?   A Seals Demolition Team of 10 men, with two marine speed boats and scuba apparatus for search and rescue in the Iliki and Paralimni Lakes
                             ?   Detachment of  40 men from the 575th Marines Battalion
                             ?   Detachment of 150 men  from the 114th  Combat Wing (Air Force)
                             ?   Frigate  “LIMNOS”   in the South Evoic Gulf.
                             ?   Hydrographic vessel “NAUTILUS ” in the North Evoic Gulf.

These two ships of the Navy sailed for their destination on the evening, 14th April.

                            LTC  Gerasimos Kalpogiannakis
                                         HNDGS Spokesman