The Recruiting Division of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff announces that all male citizens, born in the year 1988 (military class 2009), registered in the Municipal or Community Male Rolls in Greece are called to present themselves and submit their Registration Detachment to the appropriate Recruiting Offices and Citizens Service Centres (KEP), from January 2 until February 28, during working days and hours. Conscripts must have their Identity Card with them or, in absence of the aforementioned, a certification issued by their Municipality or Community certifying they are registered in the respective Male Rolls.

Those who face serious health problems will submit a written medical report or other respective certification.

Regarding the Prefecture of Attica (Athens), conscripts will present themselves to the Public Information on Recruiting Issues Office at ‘‘Vassilopoulos’’ Camp, 2, Petrou Ralli Avenue, Tavros, Attica, and the Citizens Service Centres (KEP) as well.

Those who do not present themselves on time will be charged with extra military service, amounting to an extra two-month period.