A Turkish F-16 fighter aircrafts formation entered the ATHENS FIR at 15:01 between the islands of Lesvos and Chios. Then, splitting into 4 and 2 aircrafts respectively headed south as follows:

  • at 15:25 the four F-16 flew over Fourni island at 4.000 feet.
  • at 15:27 the two F-16 flew over Makronisi and Anthropofagi islands at  8.500 feet, in sequel, at 15:29 flew over Anthropofagi island at 8.100 feet.

The above-mentioned formation exited the ATHENS FIR, south on Samos island, as follows:

  • the four F-16 at 15:28 and
  • the two F-16 at 15:30

All the aircrafts were identified and intercepted according to international rules and practices.