On Friday 1 July 2016, the new Officers graduation ceremony took place in the Combat Support Military Officers Academy premises in Thessaloniki.

The ceremony was attended by the Commander of the Hellenic 1st Army, Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris, who presented the 2nd Lieutenants with their swords.

The ceremony was also attended by Hellenic Armed Forces Officers delegations and representatives of religious, Consular and University Authorities as well as new Officers’ family members.

Totally 18 Officers graduated from the Academy, including one Officer from Armenia and four Officers from Libya.

The Hellenic Armed Forces Officers allocated as follows:

• 6 in the Army (2 Doctors, 2 Dentists, 1 Veterinary and 1Pharmacist).
• 2 in the Navy (1 Doctor and 1Dentist).
• 2 in the Air Force (1 Doctor and 1Dentist).
• 3 Recruiting Service-Military Legal Advisors.