On Monday, November 12, 2018, HNDGS Chief, Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis HN, received at HNDGS HQs, Lieutenant General Artak Davtyan, Chief of General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces, who is visiting Greece in the framework of his participation in the International Conference on Crisis Management and Security “ATHENA 2018”.

During bilateral talks, the two CHODs discussed the security environment as well as issues concerning the current military cooperation especially in the special forces and academic training domains.

HNDGS Chief underlined that:

  • The current volatile security environment requires development of international military partnerships. In this context, the Hellenic Armed Forces implement a wide military cooperation network with Balkans and MENA states.
  • The broad participation of Armenian Armed Forces personnel in the Hellenic Armed Forces educational programs, demonstrates the high level of bilateral military cooperation.
  • The violations of Hellenic territorial sea and airspace by Turkish armed forces are faced with determination and calm by Hellenic Armed Forces.

During his stay in Athens, Lieutenant General Artak Davtyan visited the Armoured Training Center in Attica, where he was briefed on its training activities. He will also visit the Hellenic Army Academy to meet with Armenian cadets.