From November 23 to 30, 2018, the bilateral joint exercise “MEDOUSA 7-ALEXANDROUPOLIS 18”, will be conducted, under the existing military cooperation programme between Greece and Egypt. Cyprus has also been invited to participate.

The exercise includes phases of activities conducted ashore-Souda Naval Base and at sea-Cretan Sea.

The Hellenic Armed Forces will participate with 3 FFG, 1 SUB, 2 FPB, 1 LST, 8 F-16, 1AWACS, 1 SUPER PUMA, 3 CHINOOK, 4 AH-64 and SOF personnel.

Cypriot Armed Forces will participate with 1 Patrol Boat and SOF p ersonnel.

Egyptian Armed Forces will participate with 1LHD, 1 FFG, 1 SUB, 2 FPB, 6 F-16, 1 E2-C and SOF personnel.

The purpose of the exercise is to further advance the cooperation of the Armed Forces in a multi-threat environment.The main training objectives include:

  • improvement of the interoperability at the tactical level
  • surface, anti-submarine and anti-air warfare exercises
  • Air units’ training against surface targets
  • Amphibious operations
  • Asymmetric threats
  • SAR and MIO Operations
  • Gunfire drills

Observers from UAE, USA, Italy, Morocco and Portugal will participate in the exercise.

On Thursday November 29, 2018, the Day of Distinguished Visitors (DVDay) will take place.