On Friday, December 7, 2018, HNDGS held the annual Briefing Conference for the accredited in Greece, Defence Attachés, Assistant Defence Attachés, as well as, Military, Naval and Air Attaches.

HNDGS Chief, Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis HN, addressing the conference, underlined that:

  • The current volatile security environment requires development of international military partnerships. In this context, Hellenic Armed Forces implement a broad military cooperation network with Balkans and Middle East states.
  • Hellenic Armed Forces have been playing a key role in Greece’s efforts to tackle the refuge crisis.
  • Greece’s participation in international organizations and bilateral/multilateral military co-operations contribute to the achievement of national defense policy objectives.
  • Personnel is the real driving force of Greece’s military mechanism.

The conference, attended by 36 defense attaches from 28 countries, covered topics related to national defence policy, military cooperation programs, Hellenic Armed Forces’ participation in international missions / operations, Hellenic Armed Forces’ contribution to migrants/refugee crisis, national defense industrial strategy and NATO standardization